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Tools that transform ideas

into valuable assets

The SiMPL™ System is a sustainable integrated solution for the commercialization of ideas to market (I2M) that is agile, collaborative, and data-driven designed to reduce cost, lower risk, and broaden industry application of your ideas and inventions.

Drive better outcomes when you:

The SiMPL™ System and Platform provides Software as a Service (SaaS) to enable all stakeholders to collaborate, integrate, manage, and deliver ideas and inventions that are fundable and ready for commercialization or deployment.

SiMPL™ integrates the Story, Idea/Invention, Market, Product, Leverage and any other key result area required by the collaboration. 

Always make data-informed decisions

Accelerate on-target solutions efficiently with accountability and confidence.

Track & report on key commercialization levels

Mitigate risks as you go, reduce legal expenditures and time to capitalization for better ROI.

Fast-track patents for early U.S. allowance

Make better, more informed follow-on PCT filing and national phase decisions & reduce costly mistakes.

Map Technology Paths early in the R&D process

Guide inventions towards alignment with customer needs from the get-go.

Get experts to validate development

 Test the weaknesses and strengths of new concepts for technical and marketplace viability.

Simplify investor due diligence processes

Offer a seamless pipeline of validated infomation and sustainable deal-flow with less time to transfer.

Leverage the IP landscape

Use IP data to elucidate patent trends and to eliminate unproductive technology paths.

Capture economic value in high-value IP portfolio

Develop product-focused, broadly differentiated, competitive, 

defensible patents.

Stay on time and on budget

Get the right people doing the right things and get stakeholders up to speed on key metrics so everyone stays happy.

Generate impact

With the SiMPL Network, you get the expertise to scale collaborative commercialization across your organization and drive real marketplace impact.



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5x ROI

Learn how SiMPL helped Baylor commercialize technologies across its organization, achieving 5x ROI with a payback period of < 18 months.

Expert-driven Commercialization Planning

Dynamic Project Integration Management

Faster Data-Driven Decision Making

Higher Value More Competitive Patents

Reduced Risks and IP Costs

Shorter time to Patent Transfer

More Sponsored Research Dollars Per Deal


Our mission was change. We worked to shift the university culture. We found that SiMPL as a tool is a remarkable way to integrate a new system mindset, innovation, people, processes, and data, not just within the university technology transfer office, but across the organization from the business school to engineering, to biological sciences, to digital media, and to students, investors, industry partners, and local city officials.

- Rich Jarvis, CEO Blueprints Lab


Proud to be a 2020 U.S. EDA Grant Award-Winner

Helping you drive continuous success

We’re not satisfied just because your team can log into the SiMPL Platform. You gain access to our talented team and our SiMPL Network with deep expertise in specialty fields, technology planning, IP analytics, market pull simulation, industry engagement, and investor deal flow management accrued through deployments at national universities like yours.

Client Success

A dedicated Project Integration Manager becomes a virtual extension of your team.

Network of Experts

Our SiMPL Network is ready to help you execute and achieve your commercialization success.

Best-in-class Toolsets

Software platform, spreadsheets, and documents all geared toward integrating or sharing 

knowledge and driving better outcomes.


We take pride in creating custom training programs that fit your staff's specific goals.


We’re one Zoom call away for advising or making on-campus visits to assist faculty or staff.

Productive Meetings

Get clear on your goals and advance IDFs to prototypes to market readiness stage-by-stage, track metrics, and make data-driven decisions easily.

More innovating, less managing

A SiMPL License gives you the management features you need from an enterprise-grade strategic decision-making collaboration platform.

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Client Dashboard

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Generate Report

Project Decisions

Dashboard & Reports

Get the information you need, all in one place - ideas, technology paths, inventions, projects, patents, prototypes, and funding.

Market Pull Simulation

Track concepts from idea to market (I2M), make data-driven decisions about retaining or dropping inventions early, mitigate  risks as you go, and find customers.

Idea Pre-Assessments

See which ideas are most promising and patentable, making sure you engage our professional subject matter experts and IP data analytics.

Industry Capitalization 

Use our templates and data rooms for due diligence and IP transfer reporting to reduce time to capitalization and legal expenditures for better ROI. 

We’re continually building more features to support academic, investors, industry, and government clients, as well as all the people who manage the process.

  • User Access Control and Permissions

  • Organization-wide settings

  • Project Groups

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Private DB Instance

  • Upload and store validation documents, videos, etc

  • Custom Domain

  • Custom Assessments

  • Unlimited Inventions and Projects

  • Technology Mapping (coming soon)

  • Patent Database (coming soon)

  • API (coming soon)

Key security protocols include:

  • Log of every action performed in the system.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity procedures to guarantee our uptime and our system’s availability

  • Continuous Security Program including periodic penetration tests.

  • Exhaustive security audit for all SiMPL Network consultants, vendors and subprocessors


The most security-conscious customers in the most highly-regulated industries trust SiMPL’s state-of-the-art security.

Ease your data concerns

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Invent. Simulate Market Pull. 

Capitalize. Share Rewards.

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