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Baylor University

L2M COLLABORTIVE exists to help Universities and local communities become more organized and equipped to successfully move ideas from students, faculty and their laboratories into the marketplace. 

With Lab-to-Market Collaborative, we are inviting specialists to come alongside Baylor University's  technology researchers (Inventors) and Blueprints Lab (Developers) with the hope that they will fulfill the business end of the commercialization initiative (Sellers) through roles as research sponsors, investors, business strategists, marketing specialists, accountants, attorneys, interim executives, mentors, and startup co-founders.  Blueprints creates and maintains the L2M Collaborative’s unique phase separation between Inventor, Developer, and Seller and manages the dynamic equilibrium of ideas, resources, and connections required to move innovations from students, faculty and their laboratories into local “Landing Zones” and into the world-wide marketplace with greater speed and agility.

Blueprints, Baylor, and Waco Ventures (WAVE) solidified a relationship that provides funding for early-growth stage technology investments to help promising research at Baylor University to get off the ground and enter the marketplace. The structure of the initial investments allows WAVE to fund Baylor technology portfolio companies, establish them in opportunity zones in Waco, TX, and continue to fund them through their entire financing lifecycles. In addition to providing capital, WAVE leverages their experience in starting and growing companies, their expertise in the technology industry, and their network of relationships to help entrepreneurs turn great ideas into great companies.  

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