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Measurement between the Basion and Dens of the Occipito-Cervical as an indicator of soft tissue damage resulting from trauma.

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Fiber-Coupled Metal - Tip Near - Field Chemical Imaging Spectroscopy

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Dr. Zhenrong Zang

Department of Physics

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IRL Level 9

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  • Experimental Results

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A highly compatible software system for automatically analyzing medical images and alerting physicians to the presence of occipito-cervical injuries often missed in standard patient care.  During routine scans the software systematically measures the distance between the Basion and Dens of the OCC for indication of abnormal anatomical geometry and soft tissue damage.

Problem Addressed

Current solution involves manual determination by a physician or radiologist, however, the process can be tedious, time-consuming, and susceptible to human error, despite the highest level of medical training, skill, and experience.  If OCC damage is not quickly and properly diagnosed and treated, it can progress quickly and be fatal. 


  • Automates detection and assesses risk levels from medical images

  • Increases speed and accuracy of OCC injury diagnosis

  • Precise and accurate results not capable by the naked eye

  • Compatible with existing instrumentation

  • Minimizes technical expertise requirements


  • Analyzing medical images for occipito-cervical injuries

  • Platform for the development of other applications related to the diagnosis of abnormal anatomical geometries and injury

Stage of Development

This proof-of-concept system has been tested and a full set of functions have been demonstrated in the lab.


Business Opportunity

  • Businesses can commercialize the technology by licensing U.S. Patent Application 20140133726A1 from Baylor.

  • License available as a Blueprints No-hassle Limited Exclusive License from Baylor.

  • Licensees may have the opportunity to pursue collaborative research with the inventors.

  • Testing data may be available to companies evaluating the technology.

  • Blueprints guides businesses through licensing and follow-on research; services provided at no cost​.

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OCC Software



Dr. Brian Garner

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