Drawing out the technical value & economic potential of IP at universities. 

Blueprints works with the universities and external networks of experts to collect Commercialization Readiness Level (CRL) data, designed to draw out the technical value and economic potential of the university’s under-used IP.  The Blueprints team synthesizes, converts and packages CRL data into actionable business intelligence for IP capitalization by local investors and for data-driven decision making by the university to retain, drop, prototype, or release the IP to Blueprints for out-licensing.  When the preferred path is a start-up, Blueprints engages community stakeholders to prepare local landing zones and its workforce to ensure early company traction and future business growth. 

  • Collaborative Commercialization™ development 

  • Commercialization Readiness Level™ claims and validations

  • Expert go/no-go recommendations

  • Customer engagement

  • Prototype justification

  • Licensing agency

  • Investment deal flow 

  • SBIR & STTR grants

  • University sponsored research and follow-on funding

  • Community engagement and start-up readiness

  • Symbiotic relationships with external labs and innovative recombinant technologies

Technology & Venture Collaborative Commercialization Development. 

Are you looking to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing university technology commercialization? Join our team of inventors, developers, and sellers.